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F&C Professional Aluminum Railing, Corp.. is a manufacurer and istallers of quality architectural metals and decorative aluminum and iron for various applications including wrought iron railings, driveway gates, garden gates, wrought iron fences, window guards, wrought iron furniture and anything you can imagine with wrought iron. We have what you need for any architectural metals and ornamental iron design.

F&C Profach of our exterior aluminum and iron railing is custom made for your space and built to your specifications with attention to detail.

We can work with you, your interior designer, or landscape architect to bring you an exterior iron railing that meets your needs and matches your personal style. F&C Professional Aluminum Railing Corp. specializes in fabricating exterior iron handrails for any size residential or commercial space.

Architectural Railing Systems lend strength and beauty where the safety of a guardrail is necessary, and a beautiful aesthetic is preferred. Our railing systems are used in a variety of public and privite spaces, such as big and small home, sports arenas, convention centers, hospitals, high-rise hotels and apartments, and many more. Applied to grand staircases, balconies and overlooks, our architectural railings offer superior performance in a variety of styles.

All of our architectural railing systems are pre-engineered. We offer standard railing designs with options to accommodate your project including: styles ranging from classic and elegant wood top rail combined with sleek stainless components and glass infill, to modern and minimalist stainless cable and rod infill choices.

This is especially true if there are children that are usually roaming the area. Railings can serve as a handrail to guide everyone navigating the staircase. This is true as well for elderly members of the family especially as they are prone to falls more than anyone else. Railings can offer just the same level of safety when speaking of balconies. On the other hand, railings used in the garden can be a good sense of protection to plants and the overall yard.

Our Mission

We take pride in three generations spanning over 38 years of an iron forging tradition passed down from generation to generation. We are Family owned and operated business.

In 2001 we open our manufacturing facility in Plainfield New Jersey because of its strategic location to major highways that service the Tri-State Area.

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Licensed & Insured

F&C Professional Aluminum Railings, Corp. is fully licensed and insured. We comply with all local regulations.
We are a full-service metal design, installation, and metal forging company.


Our products are Made In America and include window guards, aluminum and iron fence, gates, railings, tree fences, balconies, ornamental doors

F&C Professional Aluminum Railings, Corp. has divisions serving both commercial and residential markets.

Design Choice

Choose between Contemporary, Old World, Art Deco, Colonial, Modern, Mediterranean, Celtic or Tuscan. Work with one of our artisans to create a design of your own vision or choose one from our extensive product line. We have a wide array of aluminum and iron products along with many choices in finishes.

Create a memorable design in your home or business with F&C Professional Aluminum Railings, Corp. You will enjoy the process as well as the product!

Meet our Sales Team

Stop by or have one of our salesmen come out to your location. Our sales team is kind and courteous and will not pressure you to make a decision, but will look at your home or business and take measurements and your design opinions and make the proper suggestions to enhance your propert


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1149 West Front Street
Plainfield NJ 07063

Main Ph: 1 (877) 257-2457
Local Num: 1 (908) 753-8886