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Our fences are precisely built precisely to each customer's specifications. We'll work closely with you to refine your vision, suggest money-saving alternatives, and help correct any possible weaknesses in the design. Because most of our ironworkers have been crafting fences for decades, we know how to help each client get the best possible iron fence and gate for their budget. To produce a fence that is functional, visually stunning, and enduring, we combine Old World hand-forging techniques with modern-day aesthetics and the industry's highest standards for design and craftsmanship. We work primarily with moderate to heavy-weight steel (tube or solid), invest a lot of time int& design development, and comply with all applicable building codes, ADA standards, Whether you need a simple security fence or a highly ornate fence and gate, call F&C Professional Aluminum Railings, Inc.. We are a New Jersey based, full-service aluminum and iron fence manufacture and installer that is fully licensed, bonded, and insured. Estimates are always free.

For many years aluminum and iron fences were thought to be only for large, stately homes. This exquisite fence was know as ornamental iron. Today, aluminum and iron and ornamental aluminum or iron are used as interchangeable terms. This aluminum and iron is stunning and may be built to custom specifications. Most people choose aluminum and iron fencing for it's beauty and strength.

The many different style offer a unique design for you property. We also can add decorative accents. The accents for aluminum and iron fence include scrolls, casting, circles, pickets, arched tops and more.  

Protecting ones home is something, which is extremely important, and absolutely no one would be willing to compromise when it comes to their own safety and the safety of their properties and belongings. many people prefer iron fence for their homes and properties but they find it extremely difficult to select the right type of fence, which is of the best quality and the best price. our customers want to make sure that the fence protects their properties and loved ones but also looks good. these days aluminum and iron fences are preferred by most people as they offer heavy-duty protection and look very elegant and inviting.

for people who are not sure of purchasing a aluminum and iron fence, all they have to do is to think about the safety of their family and house or business concern. it is definitely a good idea to install a aluminum and iron fence. for many years, aluminum and iron fences have used to protect families and their homes.

Our Mission

We take pride in three generations spanning over 38 years of an iron forging tradition passed down from generation to generation. We are Family owned and operated business.

In 2001 we open our manufacturing facility in Plainfield New Jersey because of its strategic location to major highways that service the Tri-State Area.

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Licensed & Insured

F&C Professional Aluminum Railings, Corp. is fully licensed and insured. We comply with all local regulations.
We are a full-service metal design, installation, and metal forging company.


Our products are Made In America and include window guards, aluminum and iron fence, gates, railings, tree fences, balconies, ornamental doors

F&C Professional Aluminum Railings, Corp. has divisions serving both commercial and residential markets.

Design Choice

Choose between Contemporary, Old World, Art Deco, Colonial, Modern, Mediterranean, Celtic or Tuscan. Work with one of our artisans to create a design of your own vision or choose one from our extensive product line. We have a wide array of aluminum and iron products along with many choices in finishes.

Create a memorable design in your home or business with F&C Professional Aluminum Railings, Corp. You will enjoy the process as well as the product!

Meet our Sales Team

Stop by or have one of our salesmen come out to your location. Our sales team is kind and courteous and will not pressure you to make a decision, but will look at your home or business and take measurements and your design opinions and make the proper suggestions to enhance your propert


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