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Handicap Railings

ADA Compliant Handicap Handrails
Handrail & Railing Systems are custom manufactured from either steel or high strength aluminum and meet all ADA accessibility standards. Maintenance free, these railings are the perfect safety solution for stairways, ramps, walkways, platforms, bridges and machine barriers. We manufacture these rails at our facility in New Jersey and offer many custom size and strength options.

The Americans with Disabilities act was passed in 1990, all handicap railings and hand rails must comply with the law. The ADA outlines specific requirements, ranging from how strong railings must be, to where they must be used. Any renovated or newly built structure accessible to the public is required to have hand rails that meet these requirements.

Handicap railings are required in several areas, particularly bathrooms and on any ramp or stairwell. In bathrooms, rails must be available on any ADA compliant water closet, with one bar located behind the toilet and one located on the wall immediately adjacent. These bars must between 33 and 36 inches from the floor. Any ramp or stairwell with a vertical rise of more than six inches, or a horizontal run greater than 72 inches, must have handrails. Rails must be provided on both sides, and must be between 34 and 36 inches above floor level.

Our Mission

We take pride in three generations spanning over 38 years of an iron forging tradition passed down from generation to generation. We are Family owned and operated business.

In 2001 we open our manufacturing facility in Plainfield New Jersey because of its strategic location to major highways that service the Tri-State Area.

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Licensed & Insured

F&C Professional Aluminum Railings, Corp. is fully licensed and insured. We comply with all local regulations.
We are a full-service metal design, installation, and metal forging company.


Our products are Made In America and include window guards, aluminum and iron fence, gates, railings, tree fences, balconies, ornamental doors

F&C Professional Aluminum Railings, Corp. has divisions serving both commercial and residential markets.

Design Choice

Choose between Contemporary, Old World, Art Deco, Colonial, Modern, Mediterranean, Celtic or Tuscan. Work with one of our artisans to create a design of your own vision or choose one from our extensive product line. We have a wide array of aluminum and iron products along with many choices in finishes.

Create a memorable design in your home or business with F&C Professional Aluminum Railings, Corp. You will enjoy the process as well as the product!

Meet our Sales Team

Stop by or have one of our salesmen come out to your location. Our sales team is kind and courteous and will not pressure you to make a decision, but will look at your home or business and take measurements and your design opinions and make the proper suggestions to enhance your propert


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Powder Coating

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